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Peter Rex Naylor (PRN)

Born in Melbourne, Peter or Pete (as he prefers) was surrounded by music. In the early 90’s Pete met a male/female fronted 6 piece cover band at his local pub on a Wednesday night and after trying to poach the female singer for a project he was working on, he ended up Managing this band, 'RAUNCH', for the next 4 years until the band ceased. The band was quite successful and built a great following playing all around Melbourne and even went on mini tours around the state between residencies.

After Raunch Pete went onto doing many light shows and roadie duties. He then met a band named ‘HEAVENSCENT’ and formed a long term friendship with lead Singer/Songwriter ‘Justin Murphy’. Pete started doing light shows for Heavenscent and developed a moving light show for the band to take on the road with their debut Album release. As Lighting Tech, he also doubled as a road manager, then becoming their Tour manager. The band finished but the relationship continued through different band formations until ‘A Lesser Ego’ was born. With this a Management role was created.

In 2015 Pete was approached to become the Band booker/promoter for the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in St Kilda. This would prove to be a testing time as the venue had not had an original band play there for more than 17 years. The room lasted for just under two years before the venue decided to sell up, during which time he had the room for Friday nights and supported more than 300 bands/acts.

Peter Hoffman

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Tyler James

Originally from country Victoria, Tyler met Peter Hoffman in 2014 during a regional tour of an act he was managing at the time. The two stayed in contact over the years, and in 2018, Tyler was asked to join the SOLPRN team due to his passion in marketing and his unique perspective of the digital domain.

T&B Photography & Videography.

Highly respected, award-winning and Foxtel featured team, they have a long standing relationship with Shout Out Loud events, shooting such events such as the KISS Konvention, and ex Drummer Peter Criss's final Australian show.

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